BioLinX provides links to commercialize your innovative idea

H2020 project BioLinX supports participants in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and Horizon 2020 (H2020) projects in commercializing their innovative ideas and connects them to markets and regional networks.

Don't let your projects' research and development result be shelved, instead of being translated into innovative solutions and products. Contact BioLinX, and we will support you any which way we can.


We can help you!

Have you participated in a bio-economy related EU-funded project? And do you currently encounter hurdles in increasing your Technology Readiness Level or bringing your research results to the market?

BioLinX provides a variety of services aimed at overcoming those hurdles. We are more than happy to assist your using our extensive and tailor-made Innovation Support Programme, especially designed for EU bio-economy projects.

BioLinX Innovation Support Programme

  1. Training and support in acquiring private financing
  2. Public funding scan and proposal preparation
  3. Brokerage: linking value chain partners in 10 key regional bio-economy clusters in Europe
  4. Innovation incubation: increasing TRL by introductions to networks/test facilities etc.
  5. Support in technology assessment, market analyses, competition analyses, business plan development
  6. Online brokerage

This applies to you if:

  • you have participated in an EU-funded project under FP7, H2020, Life, ERANET, Eurostars etc, or
  • the focus of your organisation or project involves the use of biobased feedstock (agro, agrowaste of lignocelluloses) in industrial processes or products, or
  • your organization has R&D capabilities and/or know-how for further developing and/or the market launch of new processes, products and services based on this feedstock

Do not hesitate and contact us. You will likely be able to benefit from our array of services.


Our approach

BioLinX actively seeks FP7 and H2020 projects that use agro and forestry materials either as feedstock, in their process or product. If you are participating in such a project you are also welcome to contact us. We apply this narrow focus because it is our strong belief that this will enhance the possibility to find relevant (new) partners, to add relevant intelligence and point towards relevant markets. This focus will also help us all to create a network of parties that all have the same / similar kind of interest.

Together with the owners of the innovation (you) within the relevant project we will jointly agree on the innovation that you wish to boost towards higher TRLs and market and we agree on a tailored support package that is required to realize this boost. What we ask from you: we only require effort from you to provide input and actively engage to enable implementation of the agreed service package


What we offer

First of all, our services are ‘free of charge’ as we are publicly funded by the EU (under H2020). Secondly, we open up our networks for you, guide you through the incubation process and invite you to relevant events and seminars. In order to increase the potential (market) outreach of your innovation we also analyze relevant regional biobased economies in Europe. We ask them to team up and also, when and where relevant, ask them offer access to their network as well.

Most importantly: you remain the owner of the innovation!


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